Friday Roundup: Rave Kitty, Duranalysis, UNCLE on sale, Japanese Star Wars trailer, Romeo Void

November’s been unseasonably warm and muggy thus far, with temperatures sticking around the mid-seventies. I don’t approve. We’re moving into the holiday season; I want brisk weather, spitting rain, and howling winds. I want to look at the sky and wonder if we’re going to get snow today.

Here’s our Rave Kitty Jack O’Lantern from Halloween. Glow sticks make everything special! I skipped last week’s roundup, because my Duranalysis for “Out Of My Mind” ended up taking waaaaaaaaaaaay too long to write. It takes me an embarrassing amount of time to churn out a Duranalysis. It’s just ridiculous, really. In most cases, I’m a speedy writer, but any time I start writing about Duran Duran, my pace becomes tortured and glacial. It’s weird; I don’t know why that happens. In any case, the plan is still to keep up with weekly Duranalyses (and weekly Man From U.N.C.L.E. recaps) at least through December. Watch for them on Thursday afternoons. I promise nothing, though; I'm very lazy.

Apart from checking back here, the easiest way to find out when I’ve posted fresh content is to follow me on Twitter. I don’t automatically follow everyone back, but I will follow you back if you tweet at me to say hey or to let me know why you’re following me. These days, I have a slow response time for responding to emails, but I usually reply to tweets or blog comments pretty quickly.

Thanks to Hamlette for tipping me off about this: The DVD collection of all four seasons of The Man From U.N.C.L.E. is currently on sale at Amazon for $66, marked down from $200. The collection contains, ahem, forty-one DVDs. Is it worth it? I would say yes, yes, a thousand times yes; that’s a great price, and the show is wonderful and charming and delightful.

The Japanese trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens looks beautiful. Hopes are tentatively very high, though I’m bracing for disappointment:

Song to get you through the weekend: Here’s Romeo Void with 1981’s “Never Say Never”:

See you Tuesday with more Man From U.N.C.L.E.


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