Duranalysis: “The Making of Duran Duran’s Red Carpet Massacre”

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Ingrid Richter said…
Love this! Your drinks menu was inspired! I'm going to offer up the "Union of the Snakebite" for Roger, with cider, lager and black currant/cassis.
Morgan Richter said…
I can see Roger being a snakebite kind of man, yes... John's drink would be a virtuous glass of San Pellegrino. Served with a lemon wedge, if he's feeling daring.
Anonymous said…
i figured the break was due to thanksgiving, but i'm still glad to see you're back! (i meant to say that when you posted the saturday roundup, but i was busy too. now it's thursday. oops.)

...that opening part of the long arcadia interview before it goes full-tilt bananas is just too long, isn't it? i was expecting you to get to either it or this one next, so i'm not completely surprised, but my money was admittedly on arcadia. i may have an irrational attachment to that interview. (but if you liked doing this one, i'm pretty sure the astronaut equivalent is also findable on youtube!)

i see what you mean with the studio stuff - it's all pretty cute we're-getting-along-without-andy stuff, but what's-his-name the documentary guy* has got to be playing it very safe in terms of what's making it to the final cut. it makes me yearn for those documentary projects that fell through, drama americana and i think the other one's something like "searching for sushi with..."? i see why they didn't get released - i imagine they'd be like three to get ready, lots of disappointment simmering under the surface - but i do hope that once there's a little more distance between the durans and the reunion, they go back and get the documentaries out somehow.

*do you know who i'm talking about? i feel like you would. but just in case, they've got this guy who's been following them for years, trying to extract the perfect documentary and doing stuff like diamond in the mind in the meantime, and i'm almost certain he would've shot this featurette too. only i can't remember his name.

i actually like falling down! though i see what you mean, nick is kind of bagging on astronaut and/or the rest of rcm there. (or if we're feeling more charitable, he could just be bagging on reportage, which makes more sense to me.) i'm one of Those Fans who likes something from every era, i guess. having said that, i'm surprised you didn't go after simon for waxing lyrical about "google-dirty fingers", haha.

on a vaguely related tangent, i feel like it's hard to take john's word on the modern albums, because he seems to go through a cycle with them. when they first release it it's the best thing they've ever done, they go on tour and it's still defensible, and then they move on to the next one and he turns on the previous project. he's even done that to all you need is now! recently i've seen reviews that refer to rcm as an underrated classic, so maybe he ought to stop letting his ambition do the talking. nick may stand by some things in the duran duran discography that i find hard to defend, such as most of pop trash, but at least he comes out looking consistent.

and that photoshoot really was surprising! they could've been auditioning for doctor who. more importantly, i don't think i've ever seen the finished results of it, because i think i'd remember pictures of duran duran running through a fire escape.

last but not least, that corrected drinks menu is amazing. the flaky bandit sounds gross (i guess since it's an andy drink... only real rockers can handle it), but the le bombe sounds nifty (and has bonus cherry-related innuendo).

...that turned out really long. i had a surprising amount to say, i guess. maybe i ought to finally get through rcm's second half... nah, not tonight.
Morgan Richter said…
Anonymous -- I still haven't made it through that Arcadia interview! I'll need to sit down and spend some time on it at some point; totally-high-but-not-on-life Simon was irritating me enough that I bailed pretty early. And I figured since my Duranalysis immediately prior to this one was only Simon and Nick, too, that I should probably mix it up and do something that included the other Durans. But I'll go back and give the Arcadia interview a fair shot.

I will probably never see the appeal of "Falling Down", though I do like the video well enough. And there are other songs on RCM that I find kinda catchy. Yeah, I know what you're saying with John -- he does have a tendency toward revisionist history on their albums. You're right, Nick with his relentlessly positive pro-Duran stance at least comes off as more consistent.

Looks like Mari Sarai has a couple of the photos from that Nylon shoot on her website. Here's one, and you can click through to see one other, plus (bonus!) a darling photo of Simon taking a bath.
Anonymous said…
aw, if it's not your cup of tea, then you don't have to suffer through it. there are certainly plenty of other videos out there to see. (and while i'm more amused than annoyed by high simon, i see your point - that interview must have sucked for everyone else there. as i recall nick struggles to keep things on task for quite some time before giving up, and erica deserves some kind of award for rolling with it as well as she did. not to mention that poor other simon...)

i think one's opinion on falling down is closely linked with one's opinion on justin timberlake, because it sounds like it wants to be a "cry me a river" or "what goes around..." with simon singing most of it. i get the impression sony didn't give them a lot of time to execute their new r&b direction, and at some points in rcm it shows through lack of polish, while at others it's just how the producers' usual sounds are all over the tracks.

i've seen the bath one, but not the other two! thank you! (now i know that the bath came from the same photoshoot, or at least the same person.)

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