Friday Roundup

A new Duranalysis is imminent. It might come this weekend, even! Thank you to everyone who responded to my call for topic suggestions; you’ve given me an abundance to choose from. Next up is going to be the video for “Violence of Summer”, just because I figured it was time Duranalysis acknowledged the existence of the Liberty album. Here’s John looking all doe-eyed and intense paired with Simon’s all-time most sublimely ludicrous lyric. I appreciate the sentiment, Simon, but let’s make sure we’re all on the same page and just call it a one-night stand, okay?

Book news! Wrong City, which has heretofore only been available in paperback and as a Kindle-formatted ebook from Amazon, is now also available in multiple other ebook formats from various non-Amazon retailers. Get it wherever you prefer to purchase your ebooks; if you can’t find it, lemme know and I’ll look into it. Psst: I’m not sure how long this will last, but for the moment, at least, in a lot of places it’s free. Here’s the Smashwords link where you can get it in a slew of formats—.epub, .mobi, .pdf—for free.

For Kindle users: Lonely Satellite is free at Amazon for today only.

Most of my books are also available in paperback, for those who eschew ebooks (I feel you. I prefer print, too, though ebooks do have their advantages). The purchase links are on my main book page.

I haven’t mentioned it in a while, but in addition to a snazzy business website, my company, Luft Books, also has kind of a fun, interesting Wiki site, Luft Books Universe. I haven’t updated it in waaaaaaaaaay too long, and it gets maybe a whopping seven visitors per month or something, but still, it’s worth checking out. If you’re on the fence about reading, say, Wrong City, you can check out the Luft Universe entry for it, which will give you a plot synopsis and links to entries for individual characters, places, and things. Since my books tend to be insanely interconnected (sometimes through alternate timelines/universes, as is the case with Bias Cut and Lonely Satellite), this is a handy way to find out which characters cross over into which books.

Here’s the Lonely Satellite entry on the Luft Universe site.

I’m going to make this short so I can spend the rest of the day doing some in-depth Duranalyzing. I’ll leave you with the song of the week, which I suspect I’ve featured in a past roundup. It’s thirty years old, but Genesis’ “Land of Confusion” seems oddly apropos today:

Hang in there, everyone. You're not alone. It’s a confusing world at times, but we're all in this together.


still mousie, still on the other computer said…
that's such a nice offer, even if it can't be followed through on. thank you! ^^ i'm afraid you'll have to threaten to swap the lonely satellite cover out before i go "OH MY GOD YES I NEED A PAPERBACK." or we need to go to ikea and get another bookcase, so i can start getting all those old doctor who magazines out of my room and free up shelf space.

i did grab wrong city and four emperors, so don't worry, i got my share of free books from you! ^^; and i finally got forced into a smashwords account. will i remember it exists if i ever want to use it again? who knows.

poor "violence of summer". it seems to be taking a while. i keep thinking it's the one with all the girls, but i think that's "serious". and now i have to look for myself! and there are lots of girls! but they aren't getting named, so maybe i really am thinking of "serious".

...and now it's over. i see why you're struggling with it. ...oh wait! this is the one where all the girls get named after all! i don't know why i remembered that being interspersed with the rest of the video instead of all at the end. but i still see why you're struggling. now that i know that the girls and the black-and-white one are two separate entities (somehow i smashed them together in my head to make one video for "serious" with both the girls and the black-and-white performance video stuff), "serious" doesn't seem like such a great alternative. s i g h
Morgan Richter said…
Violence of Summer is kind of an uphill battle, yeah. I'll probably get it posted tomorrow, if I can focus on it tonight. It's not like it's a terrible video or anything (if it were terrible, it would be much easier to Duranalyze, actually), it's just that... there's not much interesting about it from an analysis standpoint. So... uphill battle. It'll get there.

Heh. Thanks for downloading the free books! And maybe your Smashwords account will come in handy at some point? It's possible.

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