Friday Roundup

The painting that gave the band Arcadia its name. True story.
Happy December. I hope  everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving last week (where applicable). Ours was low-key and lovely, filled with plenty of good food, starting with my homemade potato rolls (and cranberry mimosas) for breakfast. My sister roasted a pair of Cornish game hens and did a stuffing made from jalapeño cornbread I’d made the night before, combined with roasted chestnuts, water chestnuts, sage, celery, and Italian sausage. I made miniature sweet potato soufflés with cooked sweet potatoes combined with butter, a little brown sugar, and a ridiculous amount of grated lemon peel and ginger. In a fit of daring, instead of whipped egg whites, I experimented with using aquafaba—the whipped liquid from cooked chickpeas. It worked well! I scoffed at first, but now I’m an aquafaba convert.

I also made some odd yet tasty cranberry relish with celery and capers from a recipe I’d found in Food & Wine; a salad of mixed greens with goat cheese, walnuts, and apples with a cider vinegar dressing; and a pear-cranberry crisp for dessert. I like excuses to cook up a storm.

Site note: I’m being deluged with weird spam (SO. MUCH. WEIRD. SPAM), so I’ve adjusted my comment approval settings. If your comment fails to show up immediately, don’t worry, I’m on it. I’m checking the site’s spam filters frequently, sorting out the wheat from the chaff. Apologies to anyone who’s been frustrated or  inconvenienced by this.

The Duranalysis Facebook Page continues to semi-flourish. Check it out for Duran-centered cartoons and sundry nonsense: 

It seems like I should have more to report after a two-week absence from posting roundups, but I’m drawing a complete blank. Let’s move straight to the Video of the Week:

Until next week.


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