Friday Roundup

I’m taking next week off, so this will be the final post of 2016. Weird year across the board, right? May we all find strength, courage, and kindness in great abundance in 2017.

Another pair of Duran Duran cartoons from the Duranalysis Facebook page. The lovely Jody Watley, I am delighted to say, retweeted the Band-Aid one; the Duran Duran social media accounts continue to be unaware of and/or pointedly ignore my existence. After five and a half years of this, I’m beginning to have the glum suspicion that the members of Duran Duran may, just may, collectively dislike me. I know I’m a smartass, guys, but I mean it all with love and respect! I think the world of all of you!

Alternate, and perhaps more plausible, theory: They have no fricking idea I exist.

Final Friday video of the year: Here’s the Clash with “London Calling”:

I’ll meet everyone back here in the first week of January. I hope the holiday season brings you all peace and joy.


Nonny Maus said…
Aw, everyone looks so festive in their Santa hats. ^_^

I think some celebs generally avoid looking at fan-stuff for various reasons, and only hear about things if trusted acquaintances bring things to their attention. But hey, Andy's seen it! And of course, us regular Durannies lurve you too. ♥

Take care and see you next year.
Morgan Richter said…
Thanks, Nonny Maus! And you are, of course, exactly right. Here's to a graceful end of the year and a wonderful 2017!

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