Friday Roundup

In terms of happiness and general mental health, how is everyone doing? Hanging in there?

This morning, I saw a plane flying over Harlem trailing a banner proclaiming RESIST: WE OUTNUMBER HIM. It was oddly comforting on this bizarre and melancholy day.

My sister and I went to the United We Stand rally at Columbus Circle yesterday. We were there very briefly; the crowd was twenty thousand strong, and we are both mildly agoraphobic, so we stayed inside the boundaries of Central Park where we could slip away easily. Baby steps. Glad we went, albeit briefly, even though we missed Cher (Cher!).

In the midst of all the other doom and gloom in the world, I don’t want Miguel Ferrer’s death to pass unnoticed; he was far too cool to be overlooked. I don’t remember when he first crossed my radar—probably one of his Miami Vice appearances—but by the time Twin Peaks rolled around, he was already a firm favorite. Here’s a splendid clip reel of some of his most magnificent moments as blisteringly sarcastic FBI agent Albert Rosenfield on Twin Peaks, which makes me want to blow off the rest of the day and rewatch the entire series, start to finish, instead. This io9 tribute to Ferrer refers to Albert as “a prickly force of nature with the worst bedside manner on the planet.” That about sums it up.

News: My sister and I will be moving from New York back to the west coast in May. We’re going to settle somewhere in the Seattle area—Tacoma is a strong possibility. Nothing against New York, which has been a nice home for me for six years (going on twenty years for my sister), but we both feel a strong need to return west. We’ve still got time to sort out the details—for starters, we have seven thousand books that we need to somehow move across the country—but the countdown has begun.

A couple more Duranalysis comics this week:

Song of the week: I was torn between Dylan’s “The Times They Are a-Changin’” or The Byrds with “Turn! Turn! Turn!”, and then I came across this solid Noisey piece on the prescience of Bowie’s “I’m Afraid of Americans”,  and that became the obvious pick. 

Hugs to all.


DKoren said…
I had a total crush on Miguel Ferrer back in the 90's. Not quite sure what I saw him first in either, but he was all over the place back then. I particularly remember him in The Stand, but I was already a fan before that came out. I was so sad when I heard the news yesterday of his passing. I always had a soft spot for him, and kept and eye out for things he was in. RIP.

Back to the West Coast! Puts you closer to my neck of the woods. :-D Moving books... yeah. That I totally understand. Every time I've moved, most of the boxes were heavy boxes loaded with books.
montereysnow said…
I thought being busy with work would insulate me on Friday, but I was wrong. It was election night all over again, so I am in recovery again.

The clips you posted of Miguel Ferrer on Twin Peaks did make me smile. My oldest son gave my other three children and me Twin Peaks Mugs for Christmas in memory of when we all gathered around the TV set in the early 1990's to watch the show. I am so glad Miguel was able to be in the upcoming series.

Moving books, oh boy. I am a West Coast girl too, and have moved loads of books from Southern California to West Texas to New England. I think books are the hardest thing to move: the boxes, the packing, the choices.
Morgan Richter said…
DKoren -- oh, yes, Ferrer was terrific in The Stand!

montereysnow -- Like you, I'm really glad Ferrer was able to participate in the new Twin Peaks. Our whole family adored that show growing up, so much so that we had to stop in Snoqualmie, where the show was filmed, whenever we took road trips between Spokane and Seattle, for cherry pie and coffee at the Mar-T Cafe, which the show used as the Double R Diner.
I know nothing of Ferrer, but as for other current events, I basically switched off Facebook for twenty four hours, avoided news, and managed to stay mildly sane. I'm glad I'm not American, but then I have Brexit looming over me like a foetid spectre instead. I offer solidarity. As a world I think we'll get through this.

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