I'm midway through a big project that I'm trying very hard to finish by the end of the month, and to make that work, I need to chisel out a chunk of extra time. Ergo, U.N.C.L.E. recaps and Friday Roundups are going to be on hold until the end of the month. It's a necessary evil. Duranalysis Facebook page updates may continue, albeit sporadically.

Take good care of yourselves and be kind to each other. Illya, Napoleon, and I will see you back here in March.


I'm not sure we'll survive the grim February weeks, but maybe this will spur me to do some recaps of my own. I've so enjoyed doing them for other shows but didn't want to tread on your toes.
Good luck with your project!
Morgan Richter said…
No danger of toe-treading, Aconitum; the world can (and should!) support multiple UNCLE recaps from multiple parties, and I'd love to read yours.
Clem Robins said…
what, are you actually inviting guest columnists, Morgan? i could write a pretty good one on "The Dove Affair".
Morgan Richter said…
I imagine you could, Clem! I'd love to hear your take on Dove Affair, though it would have to be posted at your own site or elsewhere; I'm control-freakish enough to suspect this blog really wouldn't work well with multiple contributors.
Clem Robins said…
that makes sense. i wouldn't let anybody post on my site either, if i had a site. just wanted to make sure.

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