Friday Roundup

Bear with me during the site redesign, please. It's a work-in-progress at the moment; I'm not in love with it, but it'll get there, I hope...

The Duranalysis book will be released on April 20th, barring catastrophe. Looks pretty snazzy, right? I'm very happy with how it turned out. You'll be able to preorder the ebook on April 1st or thereabouts; the print book probably won't be able to be preordered, but I'll make sure to provide everyone with purchase links, plus I'll probably try to do a pre-release giveaway or two, either here or at the Duranalysis Facebook page.

Anyway, I've been a little scrambled lately due to the book release and, oh yeah, the bi-coastal move that's coming up at the same time as the aforementioned book release. If it's been taking me (much) longer than usual to reply to blog comments and emails and tweets, that'd be why. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

Because I seem to be regressing into childhood a little more every day...  My sister and I have spent the past week pounding back tons of episodes of Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs, which was my favorite cartoon in 1987, and is now my favorite cartoon of 2017. A relatively obscure American bastardization of a similarly obscure anime series, Saber Rider features a team of ridiculously likable characters getting themselves into ludicrous situations; it's technically a giant-fighting-robot show a la Voltron (the American versions of Voltron and Saber Rider shared the same story editor, so if you dig one, you'll probably dig the other, though Saber Rider is a little less "MURDER! RAPE! BLOOD! DEATH! TRAGEDY!" than Voltron), but nobody involved with the series seemed to be terribly invested in the giant-robot aspect. Mostly it's just a bunch of zany hijinks. Oh, and communal showers:

I'll be covering the glory of Saber Rider in greater detail in the coming weeks, because there's precious little out there about this gem of a series. A small handful of episodes have been (legally) posted to YouTube, in case anyone is feeling nostalgic:

I'm going to wrap up the week with Depeche Mode at their (oddly wholesome) kinkiest:

Be well, everyone.


Morgan Dodge said…
Duranalysis book!!! Duranalysis book!!! Duranalysis book!!! So much excitement! GRATZ!!!
Morgan Richter said…
Thank you! It's very exciting. It's a more ambitious project than publishing my fiction, so I've been very frazzled about it.

I did the cover myself, because my Photoshop skills extend to drawing concentric circles. It falls far short of a Morgan K. Dodge cover, but for the subject matter, I think it works.
Anonymous said…
The circle works really well: record, 1980s band. Perfect. 😀 I can't wait to read it. I'm going to check Amazon and Barnes to see if I could preorder from there.--Lisa C
Anonymous said…
Lately, there has been a lot of 80s nostalgia here in Greece too. After the unquestionable success of this book, can you please write a similar book on the 80s cultural phenomenon named "Miami Vice"?
Morgan Richter said…
Lisa -- you'll be able to preorder the ebook after April 1st from Amazon, but I don't think the print book will be able to be preordered anywhere. I'll keep you updated. What will probably happen is that people will be able to buy the print book from Amazon a few days ahead of the official release, and then the other book stores, Barnes & Noble et al, will follow along later.

Anonymous -- I love Miami Vice. Oddly enough, when Ernest Cline emailed me the quote I've used on the Duranalysis cover, he also suggested that my next book should be about Miami Vice...
Good luck with the book. The cover looks brilliant.

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