Duran Duran comics: Save a Prayer

Let's wrap up this series of comic books with the meditative, melancholy vibe of "Save a Prayer."

As always, larger images are after the jump.

Click here for jumbo versions.

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Jenny Pink said…
I love these. . .and I see opportunity in Duran Duran inspirational quotes and wall hangings. (Just sayin')
Morgan Richter said…
Absolutely. I'm thinking Duran Duran motivational posters: A screenshot from a video with one of Simon's inscrutable/enigmatic lyrics emblazoned beneath it. I could see these hanging in office lunchrooms across the country. I would totally open an Etsy boutique to sell these, were it not for the blatant copyright infringement.
Jenny Pink said…
"Your telephone keeps ringing while you're dancing in the rain" sums up my rather disastrous stint in cubicle culture. I can't be alone in this, can I?
Morgan Richter said…
Oh, yes, that's a pretty universal cubicle-drone experience. As is, "They tried to break us -- looks like they'll try again", which would make for a splendid motivational poster.

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