Friday Roundup: Macklemore in Spokane, David McCallum’s music career, Duran Duran, and Adam Lambert

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis released their video for “Downtown” yesterday. It’s a big, jubilant, crazy, joyous valentine to my hometown of Spokane (which is also Lewis’s hometown; Macklemore is a Seattle boy), and I love it to pieces. Spokane, you never looked so good. Spokane can be kind of a cold, prickly, lonely place—at heart, it’s still a turn-of-the-century Old West railroad town, with all the rough-and-tumble attitude that comes with that—but it’s got its own stark beauty. It fills me with delight to see Macklemore and his friends (who include Grandmaster Caz, Kool Moe Dee, Melle Mel, Eric Nally, and Ken Griffey, Jr.) singing and dancing in the shadow of the Parkade. (From Wikipedia’s shockingly comprehensive and laudatory entry on the Parkade: “The Parkade is a ten-level parking structure in Spokane, Washington. It was built for $3.5 million in 1967 by Sceva Construction Company, with concrete furnished by the Acme Concrete Company. The structure was built to accommodate one thousand automobiles and achieved its record capacity on December 22, 1969, with 3878 cars, well beyond the 1967 capacity needs. [...] The Parkade is notable for its connection to the Spokane skywalks and won an award for 'excellence in use of concrete' in 1968”. Okay, then!)

As I discussed in Wednesday’s post, I just discovered the classic television series The Man From U.N.C.L.E., which is charming and hilarious; I’m looking forward to hours of enjoyment as I work my way through the seasons. On a melancholy side note: After the deaths of our parents, my sister and I ended up with the bulk of their possessions, which included their significant combined collection of record albums. As it turns out, our super-brainy, super-logical, super-practical, super-amazing mother owned four, count ‘em, four albums by U.N.C.L.E. heartthrob David McCallum. Not to slight McCallum’s musical prowess—the man did attend the Royal Academy of Music, after all—but it seems very, very likely that mom’s reasons for owning these four albums…

…are probably similar to the reasons someone would have for owning any (or all!) of these albums:

Hint: It’s probably not about the music. Anyway, I dearly wish I could ask her about it in person, but I’m charmed by the possibility that our MENSA-candidate mother might, just might, have been something of a David McCallum fangirl.

So I picked up tickets for the Fresh 102.7 Fall Fest, featuring Duran Duran, Adam Lambert, and Rachel Platten. Awesome. I’ve been suggesting since at least 2013* that Lambert should team up with Duran Duran, so this is all very relevant to my interests. As both Duran Duran and Lambert have vast and passionate and vocal fandoms, I can only imagine glamorous Duranie vs Glambert turf wars** will erupt all over Madison Square Garden. Glitter and spilled champagne everywhere! Smeared eyeliner and torn sequined jackets! It’ll be amazing. Can’t wait.

*To quote myself: “Adam, here’s my unsolicited suggestion for one of your future projects: Text Nile Rodgers and ask him to hook you up with his old pals in Duran Duran. Collaborate with the band on a catchy dance tune, then film a gonzo, glorious, nonsensical, awesome music video to accompany it (drag Russell Mulcahy away from his Teen Wolf duties long enough to direct it), in which you all wear head-to-toe designer leather duds while battling mutants in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, a la “Wild Boys” or “Union of the Snake.” You’d fit in perfectly with that pack of glamorous, hilarious bitches. Nick Rhodes, the patron saint of beautiful male pop stars in flawless makeup, would look upon you as one of his own and buy you fancy shoes or a Picasso. There is no possible downside to this scenario.”

**Actually, almost without fail, all the Duranies and Glamberts I’ve encountered as a result of this site have seemed like smart, well-behaved adults. Except for maybe that one Glambert who called me a bitch for pointing out on this site that the “For Your Entertainment” video features too many shots of pretty women in tight dresses writhing orgasmically. I wasn’t all that thrilled with her. The rest, though, have been pretty cool.

Speaking of Duran Duran, yesterday they released their fifth song off their upcoming Paper Gods album. “Last Night In The City” is my favorite of the batch thus far by a significant margin. Apparently it’s already a highly polarizing song, with hard-core fans complaining that it sounds too electronic and not enough like a classic Duran song. The electronic aspect doesn’t bug me—that’s kind of a selling point, actually—but honestly, the song also has a very strong vintage early eighties sound:

In fact, you know what song it sort of reminds me of, what with the driving synth beat and the anthemic, bombastic vocals? The gonzo 1984 Pia Zadora/Jermaine Jackson duet “When the Rain Begins To Fall.” I consider this a compliment, though I’m pretty sure the Durans would view this as a cutting insult (Simon Le Bon: “You take that back, Richter!”).  If you’ve never seen this video, stop everything right now and hit play:

It’s impossible to top Pia and Jermaine, and foolish to even try, so that’s everything for now. Here’s to the end of August, good riddance, and best wishes to all for an amazing September. 


Hamlette said…
Haha! My own highly intelligent mother owns 2 of David McC's albums -- "A Part of Me" and "A Bit More of Me." They are... interesting, aren't they?

(Mom says that she mostly bought them because they came with posters.)
Morgan Richter said…
Ha! I wonder if my mom's albums came with posters... (Weird random fact: One of McCallum's compositions, "The Edge", has been sampled by Snoop Dogg & Dr. Dre, plus M.I.A. and others.)
Hamlette said…
(That is both weird and random, and exceedingly so! Huh.)

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