Fun With Keywords: Homeward Bound Edition

Hey, there! I’m back! Remember when I used to update this site twice a week or so?

So, got some news: First up, Bias Cut is finally picking up a bunch of momentum and has received a nice cluster of warm reviews on Goodreads and Amazon (on Amazon UK even!), none of them from anyone with the last name “Richter”, so that’s all very positive. To celebrate, the Kindle version will be free next week from Thursday through Saturday. I’ve said this before, but it’s worth repeating: If you enjoy my Duran Duran reviews on this site, there is every chance in the world you will enjoy Bias Cut. Just saying.

Second? I’m moving to Seattle in the near future. The exact date is undecided, but if all goes according to plan, my sister and I should be clearing out of New York by early summer. We’ve got strong ties to the Pacific Northwest, and after the deaths of our parents, we think it’s time for Washington State to be home to some Richters once more.

Enough news. Let’s pad out this post with a look at some of the search terms visitors have used to find this site in recent weeks:

miami vice castillo hangs from ceiling
That’s from the second-season episode “Bushido”, in which we learn that Lt. Castillo (Edward James Olmos) is a ninja.  Here he is, ready to get the drop on a swarm of gun-toting KGB agents:

Unsurprisingly, this episode was directed by Edward James Olmos.
You know how I’m always going on about how Miami Vice is still the most awesome TV show ever made? Yeah. This sort of thing is why.

book report on lysis goes to the play
Do you mean Plato’s Lysis? Don’t know about a book report, but here’s the SparkNotes entry.

connection between duran duran union of the snake and wild boys videos
Same general idea – Duran Duran stranded in a post-apocalyptic world populated by: a) mutants! and b) dancing shirtless men! – but there’s no concrete connection, i.e. “Wild Boys” is not a sequel to “Union of the Snake.”

save a prayer dance in another video
Hmm. You might be thinking of the “Lonely In Your Nightmare” video, which Duran Duran shot simultaneously with “Save a Prayer” and “Hungry Like the Wolf” in Sri Lanka, and which features extensive footage of Simon canoodling with Vanya, the model he dances with in “Save a Prayer.”

Some people call it paradise, but we can call it a one-night stand.

does thomas gibson have a starring role in barcelona
Nope. Fairly significant supporting role. I think he only appears in the last quarter of the film or so, though his character is referenced throughout.

duran duran drunk
Often, if Simon Le Bon’s Twitter account is any indication. The man can drunk-tweet with the best of them.

Andy is two seconds away from vomiting on John.
(No one in this photo is remotely sober.) 
Related: Nick Rhodes is now on Twitter! I mean, not officially, but it’s clearly him, down to the excessive use of “whilst” in his tweets. And the world trembles, just a little. I adore the wee magical pixie in all his pretentious hyper-artsy weirdness, but I have to say, his Twitter feed is an acquired taste, and I have not yet acquired the taste. Perhaps mere humans were not meant to catch this close of a glimpse into Nick’s fevered brain.

how can i get scarecrow & mrs king on netflix queue
Just add the disks to your queue. Looks like Netflix currently has the first two seasons available. And let me know if it holds up; I haven’t watched it since, oh, 1985, but haven't been quite curious enough to add it to my own queue.

electric barbarella what was the first song that was legal download
Asked and answered.

episode of criminal minds where they're all sad
Pick an episode at random. They’re not a happy bunch, those Criminal Minds agents. They probably hit peak sadness at Hotch’s wife’s funeral in season five’s “The Slave of Duty.”

felix gaeta poor guy
For real. Man. I realize a lot of Battlestar Galactica characters met bad ends, but sweet, plucky Gaeta’s crappy downward spiral over the final couple of seasons left a bad taste in my mouth.

is edison carter anderson cooper
Well, Anderson Cooper was born in 1967, which means he would have been still a rambunctious teen and thus still a ways away from embarking on a career in journalism in 1985, which is the year Max Headroom’s Edison Carter sprang into existence in the original UK TV movie. So… no, Edison Carter is not Anderson Cooper, though I do appreciate the similarities.

greg grunberg underwear
If Grunberg has ever appeared onscreen in his underwear, I’ve missed it. Ask J.J. Abrams—he’d probably know for sure.

gundam wing relena yells heero to kill her
Gundam Wing is currently streaming on Crunchyroll, so my sister and I started rewatching it all over again. Awesome series, but… man, Releena is a problematic character. She’s a moody ball of self-involved entitlement with a weird crush on the kid who keeps openly trying to murder her. And then she gets appointed Queen of the World. Oh.

heroes mohinder shirtless
Not often enough, I’ll tell you that.

nick shirtless sing blue silver
No, but he does sylph about in a loose white tank top for much of Sing Blue Silver, which, by Nick’s usual standard of (over)dress, is pretty much the equivalent of being bare-ass nekked.

"Terrible. Horrible. Horrible. Vile!"

shawn 2.0 psych trail of tears singer
Er… close? That’d be Tears for Fears, the awesome eighties New Wave Brit synth-rock duo, not Trail of Tears, the nineties Norwegian metal band. Tear for Fears’ Curt Smith appeared on Psych.

the power station preppies
Considering all my Arcadia-themed Duranalyses, I’ve done shockingly little here on The Power Station. I dispense with the “Bang a Gong (Get It On)” video in a few short sentences here. Just scroll down until you see mullets and neon.

to cut the story short i've lost my mind
Spandau Ballet’s very best song. If you’re having a rough day, stop whatever you’re doing and watch the video now; it’ll make everything better. Sing along: “I am beautiful and clean, and so very, very young to be standing in the street…”

who was the woman dancer in duran duran wild boys
Perri Lister, Billy Idol’s former longtime girlfriend, is the topless Wild Girl in the extended version of the “Wild Boys” video.

wilin with da gusters dance
Here you go. You're welcome.

season 3 hardy boys sucked
Yup. One could argue that seasons one and two sucked as well (I have certainly made that argument in the past), but season three was special in its depth and breadth of suckitude.  Bear in mind, sucking and being totally awesome are not mutually exclusive, and The Hardy Boys nimbly managed both at once.

white collar a bit adorable
It is, yeah.
These people are all adorable.

what episode of hornblower dooes a guy get whipped
There’s no shortage of flogging in Hornblower. Notable flogging scenes occur in “The Fire Ships” (season one) and “Loyalty” (season three).

robert wagner gagged blogspot
That’s a really specific fetish you’ve got there.


Ingrid Richter said…
You know, Edison Carter *does* look a lot like Anderson Cooper. And I would never say that Matt Frewer looks like Anderson Cooper outright. Weird time shift?
Morgan Richter said…
Same general patrician demeanor, too, though Anderson seems a lot less prickly than Edison. Anderson would have investigated the hell out of those Blipverts, I'll tell you that much.
Ingrid Richter said…
Edison was *trying* to investigate the hell out of Blipverts. Just a bad controller (who got him mugged) and a bad company (who tried to kill him) behind him. Kind of like CNN putting a hit out on Anderson after an investigation...
Morgan Richter said…
Kind of like CNN putting a hit out on Anderson after an investigation...

And all of a sudden, cable news just got a whole lot more interesting.

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