Friday, October 31, 2008

Merry Halloween!

Happy Halloween, everyone! Sadly, I have no hot plans for tonight, other than celebrating my cat’s birthday with a cake lovingly made from all her favorite foodstuffs: tuna, peppermint tea bags, squashed bugs, and used Q-tips. This is a crying shame, because I’ve been looking for an excuse to dress up like Jem, spiky pink hair and all (for those too young to appreciate the reference, Jem was the Hannah Montana of the eighties, except Jem utilized cutting-edge hologram technology to transform from her drab alter ego into a glamorous rock star, whereas Hannah just tosses on a blonde wig. Advantage: Jem).

Hey, I just took a look at my website statistics, and it looks like my Heroes recaps have picked up a healthy bunch of weekly lurkers. This is great, though please know you’re also welcome to join in on the comment-thread madness following the recaps. The comments (much like the recaps) tend to be a free-form amalgam of genial snark and half-baked analysis; the more, the merrier.

While I was examining my stats, I also looked at the Google keywords people have used to find this site. While hopefully everyone found answers to their questions during their visit here, I thought I’d single out a few for personal replies, just to make sure no one left disappointed:

the slogan on sylar's apron says what?
“Hail to the Chef”, complete with Presidential logo. Not as spit-take hilarious as Maya’s “World’s Greatest Dad” apron last season, but funny nonetheless. Plus: timely!

why is claire special heroes
It’s a mystery, isn’t it?

too many blondes on heroes

movie about school preppies fighting against street gangs.
No idea. If you ever figure it out, please let me know, because it sounds awesome. In the meantime, you might enjoy Tuff Turf, a 1984 tour de force starring James Spader as a rebellious preppy from Connecticut who moves to a tough section of Los Angeles (er… Reseda, actually) and tangles with a street gang. It co-stars a somewhat dazed Robert Downey, Jr., and features some fabulous eighties fashions and a Marianne Faithfull/Jim Carroll soundtrack. I love this movie more than words can express.

If I were a powerful studio head, I’d greenlight any screenplay that was pitched to me as “School preppies fighting against ___________”. Fill in that blank any way you’d like. Street gangs? Zombies? Bike messengers? Accountants? I’d throw money at it.

mohinder’s speech end of second coming
mohinder quote the second coming
Some poem.

masi oka prima donna
No. He’s a darling. A little subdued, maybe, but genuinely nice. In fact, every bleeding last Hero I met during last year’s WGA strike—Sendhil Ramamurthy, Greg Grunberg, Jack Coleman, Dania Ramirez, Cristine Rose, Dana Davis, Masi Oka, Ali Larter—was a total sweetheart. They’re just nice people. They smile and hug a lot. I genuinely liked each and every one of them.

matt parkman daddy issue
Yes, though I’m guessing Peter, Nathan, and Sylar will soon have daddy issues that’ll make Matt’s look like small potatoes.

petrelli superdickery
Nathan, yes; Angela, yes; Arthur, yes; Sylar, yes; Peter, no.

how would you make peter petrelli more powerful?
Better question: why would you want to? Before his daddy stole his abilities and took the T-bird away, he had more powers than he knew what to do with, and he wasn’t doing much with any of them.

heroes peter petrelli criticism stupid character
Yes. Terribly stupid. But I like him anyway.

heroes, "irish stereotypes"
Yes. Ghastly. And it’s all Peter’s fault.

"history boys"+"slash fiction"
Outstanding idea. If none exists, please write some and send me the link.

ben grimm slash fiction
God, no.

sendhil ramamurthy physique
shirtless mohinder
Fantastic and yes, please.

"sendhil ramamurthy" wife
Yes. She’s a total babe with her own successful acting career. They’ve been married for a decade. They’ve procreated. They seem happy and well-balanced. Depressing, I know.

how do you get passed the mines in telepath rampage 2
Try hitting R2-X-circle-circle-square… no. No, I have no idea. Look, when it comes to gaming, I fail. I can’t make it past the baby levels of Lego Star Wars. I’m the wrong person to ask. I’m sorry.

how do u spell apocalypse
Nailed it in one.

Presented without comment, because sometimes things are funnier without editorializing:
is that really tobias menzies' penis
hung heroes volume 2
penis magnifying glass gag gifts

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Heroes Volume Three, Chapter Seven: Eris Quod Sum

Mohinder faces off against Tracy and Nathan. Using his bug-man super-powers, he rips Maya out of her cocoon and leaps up through the skylights (Mohinder’s lab has skylights?). He takes Maya to Pinehearst and meets Arthur Petrelli. Arthur steals the Black Eye Goo of Death power from Maya and cures her, then puts Mohinder to work perfecting Pinehearst’s version of the power-giving formula. When Mohinder confronts Maya later, she’s monstrously peeved at him for turning evil and sticking her in a cocoon. Equipped with cash, a wheelie suitcase, and a shiny new American passport, she storms out of his life. Vaya con Dios, Maya! May you find happiness and a decent character arc elsewhere, because you sure weren’t finding either here.

When Claire and Sandra return home from tangling with Doyle, they discover their lights on the fritz, Lyle unconscious, and crazy Elle hanging out in their living room. A super-powered catfight between Elle and Claire ensues. Lyle takes a baby step toward justifying his existence by tossing a bucket of water on Elle and shorting out her powers. Elle asks Claire for help: she’s lost control over her abilities. Claire whines a bit about how she can’t feel pain anymore; Elle, who is in constant agony from the bajillion volts of electricity coursing through her body, fails to give her much sympathy. Elle and Claire decide to go to Pinehearst together to seek a cure. Sandra objects, which provokes one of those Bennet family domestic squabbles I love so much. Because the entire family remains in thrall to the whims of a sullen teen girl, Claire prevails.

Arthur Petrelli and Maury Parkman bawl out Daphne for discouraging Matt from joining Pinehearst. Arthur orders her to kill Matt. When Maury objects, Arthur breaks his neck. Wow. Adam Monroe last week, Maury Parkman this week, and it looks like Maya’s been booted off the show as well. They’re just systematically purging any lingering stench of Volume Two, aren’t they? Elle, hon, I’d watch your back if I were you.

Arthur gives Peter to Mohinder as a test subject for his diabolical experiments. Peter tries to stop Mohinder by warning him about the evil alternate future. He makes the strategic error of informing Mohinder that, thanks to the mistakes in the formula, he’s no longer dewy and beautiful in the future. This only heightens Mohinder’s resolve to correct the formula by using Peter as a lab rat.

Sylar escapes from his cell on Level Five with the psychic help of a still-comatose Angela Petrelli. At Angela’s urging, Sylar arrives at Pinehearst to rescue Peter and gets into a super-powered scuffle with Mohinder. Defying all conventional logic and a few laws of physics, Mohinder defeats Sylar. Arthur eventually has to haul Mohinder off of a bloodied and unconscious Sylar. Peter escapes in the melee.

Arthur and Sylar have a father-son chat, during which Arthur warns him of the inherent danger in trusting his mother: Angela tried to drown Sylar at birth because her precognitive dreams told her what a creepy monster he’d become. When Peter bursts in to rescue his brother, Sylar decides to toss Peter out a high window instead.

Peter lands in front of Claire and Elle, who’ve arrived at Pinehearst following a harrowing journey in which Elle’s short-circuiting powers almost crashed their plane. Elle interprets the fact that Peter doesn’t have his healing abilities anymore and, indeed, is hemorrhaging blood all over the sidewalk as a positive sign Pinehearst can help her. Above Claire’s protests, Elle scampers off to get fixed.

Mr. Bennet and Meredith show up at Mohinder’s lab to help Tracy and Nathan sort through the chaos and cocoons Mohinder left in his wake. Tracy is somewhat nonplussed to discover Nathan and Meredith are the biological parents of Mr. Bennet’s adopted daughter. Bennet wants to take Nathan and Tracy to Primatech to make sure Mohinder’s experiments on them haven’t had any adverse reactions.

Matt returns to the apartment he shares with Mohinder, where he’s confronted by a gun-toting Daphne. When Daphne can’t bring herself to kill Matt, Knox arrives and murders them both.

But wait! Matt and Daphne aren’t dead! Matt just did one of his psychic projections to make Knox think he killed them so he’d go away. Matt wants Daphne to go with him to Primatech so they can find some way to escape Pinehearst for good.

But wait! Daphne secretly calls Arthur and tells him their scheme to ensnare Matt is proceeding exactly as planned. Keep an eye on Daphne, Matt. She’s a tricky one.

Claire and a somewhat mangled Peter hide out in Peter’s apartment. Peter wonders how he survived a seven-story fall without his healing ability. He thinks Sylar protected him by using his telekinesis to slow his descent. He also thinks this is proof of Sylar’s secret brotherly love for him. Oh, Peter, Peter, Peter. When will you ever learn? Claire calls Nathan, who shows up with Tracy. After Peter tells Nathan their father is alive and evil, Nathan and Tracy (who reveals she’s been working as a consultant for Pinehearst for the past year, which seems like a mighty convenient way to get her more fully involved in the action) head off to confront Arthur.

In Africa, Usutu convinces Ando and Hiro to eat some kind of foul paste, which will enable them to go on a mind-expanding spirit walk. Hiro’s eyes turn white, and he passes out.

A fine episode, and one that handily defeats my theory that pretentious Latin titles are a harbinger of pretentious episodes (I offer Battlestar Galactica’s “Sine Qua Non “ and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s “Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges” as supporting evidence). “Eris Quod Sum”, by the way, apparently means “I am what you will be”, though it could just as easily be translated as “Mohinder straddles Sylar and punches him in the face a bunch of times.” Either variant works for me.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Heroes Volume Three, Chapter Six: Dying of the Light

So it turns out Hiro really didn’t kill Ando. Yeah, see, he didn’t really slaughter his best friend in cold blood without provocation. It was all a trick to get in good with Daphne and Knox. Boy, I bet nobody saw that coming. Yeah, instead he stopped time, teleported to a magic shop, picked up a collapsible sword and some fake blood, then traveled back in time and explained the plan to Ando, who then played along and only pretended to die. Convinced of Hiro’s loyalty, Knox leaves with Adam, while Daphne gives Hiro an assignment to go to Africa to retrieve Usutu for Pinehearst.

Knox takes Adam to the Pinehearst facility to see the hospitalized Arthur Petrelli. Arthur sucks out Adam’s power of immortality, and Adam disintegrates into a crumbling pile of dust. So long, Adam Monroe! Kind of weird how they dug you up from your grave just so you could be killed off for good two episodes later, but heck, you’ll probably pop up again at some point, given the amazing rate at which characters return to life on this show. I’m still waiting for Isaac Mendez to come back demanding to know why some crazy bug-man is squatting in his studio. After Arthur absorbs Adam’s power, he unhooks his breathing tube and sits up in his hospital bed.

Meredith is in the clutches of Eric Doyle, who can control her actions like a puppet. Crackerjack rescue team Claire and Sandra Bennet track her down to Doyle’s lair--a creepy puppet theater--but promptly get captured themselves. The episode grinds to a halt for some more Bennet inter-familial domestic tension when Doyle, who wins my heart just a tiny little bit for calling Claire “Barbie”, forces Claire, Meredith and Sandra to play Russian roulette. Sandra shoots and kills Claire, then Claire resurrects and gets the jump on Doyle.

Daphne argues with Linderman--or, rather, with Maury Parkman’s psychic projection of Linderman--at JFK. Upset about forcing sweet-natured Hiro to murder Ando, she wants to stop recruiting for Pinehearst. Linderman talks her out of it with veiled threats about her past. He leaves her so she can intercept Matt, who is arriving on a flight from Africa. Daphne greets Matt and gives him the Pinehearst sales pitch. Matt cheerfully tells her she’s his future soul mate. Daphne is unconvinced, yet intrigued.

Hiro and Ando teleport to Usutu’s hut in Africa. There then ensues a whole bunch of whimsy involving prophetic paintings and misuse of time-traveling abilities and Hiro getting whacked over the head multiple times with a shovel and Usutu being smarter than Hiro and Ando combined. Which, perhaps, isn’t much to brag about.

Daphne bursts into Sylar’s cell on Level Five to free him so he can work for Pinehearst. When Sylar refuses to go with her, Daphne breaks out some evil dude from the earlier bank robbery, whose name I can’t be bothered to look up, and leaves with him instead.

Nathan and Tracy show up at Mohinder’s laboratory of horrors to ask him for help removing Tracy’s deadly ability. Despite the general state of decay and the tinfoil covering the windows and the people stuck to the walls inside cocoons, it takes Nathan and Tracy far too long to realize Mohinder is turning into a crazy bug-man, thus giving him ample time to knock them out and prepare to perform diabolical experiments on them. I’ll say this for Mo: when he decides to turn evil, he doesn’t muck about. While he’s in the middle of this, Daphne drops by to give him the Pinehearst sales pitch as well. Because it wouldn’t be Heroes without Mohinder charging full steam ahead into half-assed alliances with shady characters, he’ll probably take her up on her offer. After Daphne leaves, Tracy attacks Mohinder with her freezing power and rescues Nathan.

Fed up by her day of recruiting creepy losers, Daphne returns to Matt and tells him he’s too nice to join Pinehearst. Matt explains about his vision of her dying in the future and offers to protect her, but Daphne zips off.

Sylar rouses Peter from his coma and asks for his help figuring out why Angela is stuck in a trance. At Sylar’s urging, Peter reads Angela’s mind and sees the Pinehearst logo, which Sylar recognizes from the business card Daphne left with him. For no reason other than to compensate for all the tedious Bennet family drama to which we’ve recently been subjected, Sylar and Peter have a big, cool, goofy, super-powered, balls-out fight. When hurling bolts of lightning at Sylar proves ineffective, Peter punches him in the face a bunch of times and emerges triumphant. He scoots off to Pinehearst and confronts his presumed-dead father.

Arthur greets his son with a big hug… and sucks all his powers out of him.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Heroes Volume Three, Chapter Five: Angels and Monsters

Let’s start with Peter, who, back on Level Five, is still completely nuts from absorbing Sylar’s intuitive ability. He attacks Sylar and breaks his neck. When Angela tries to stop him, he accuses her of withholding secrets and tries to slice open her head. Sylar comes back to life and knocks him out. Bennet arrives and tells Sylar he has a lead on another of the Level Five escapees. They take off in hot pursuit.

Inside a building labeled “Pinehearst”, Linderman asks Daphne how she feels about recruiting super-powered individuals to form a New World Order. He gives her some files on her potential targets, who include Knox and Mohinder. Daphne agrees to help, though she dismisses them as “pretty nasty people”. Now you’ve done it, Mohinder: your icky genetic experiments have been off-putting enough to make adorable blonde girls lump you in the “pretty nasty people” category.

In Costa Verde, Sandra Bennet finally figures out: a) there’s no cheerleading retreat, and b) her daughter is a lying liar who lies. She suspects Claire, on her newfound vengeance kick, is going to try to take down the people in Bennet’s files. Meredith helps Sandra sort through the files and finds one on a man she knows named Eric Doyle. Dismissing Sandra’s offer to help, Meredith takes off on her own after Doyle. When next we see her, she’s having dinner under duress with Doyle, who evidently has some kind of mind-control powers.

Claire, off doing her crime-fighting thing, tracks down one of the Level Five escapees to an empty house in Los Angeles (we’re probably not supposed to recognize it as Evil Alternate Universe President Sylar’s mansion from Season One). The escapee is named Stephen, but because he’s played by Andre Royo, best known as the heartbreaking junkie/informant Bubbles from The Wire, he’s going to be Bubbles from here on out. Bubbles sincerely doesn’t want to hurt anyone -- he’s just trying to find his wife and children, who moved away during the two years he was imprisoned in Level Five. He demonstrates his ability for Claire: he can open up cool little vortexes that suck people away into oblivion. When Claire realizes he has no intention of causing her harm, she offers to help him locate his family.

Mohinder, still evolving into a twitchy, evil, man/bug hybrid, slinks around a park and attacks a drug dealer. When they were handing out plotlines this season, poor Mo drew the short straw. He drags the unconscious dealer back to his lab, leaving a messy trail of blood. When Maya arrives to cop a quick feel, she notices the blood and beats a hasty retreat. She later sneaks into the lab and discovers Mohinder’s missing wife-abusing neighbor swaddled inside a large cocoon stuck to the wall. When she tries to free the neighbor, Mohinder catches her and binds her up in another cocoon.

Claire helps Bubbles arrange to meet his wife and kids in Griffith Park. Bennet and Sylar storm in to recapture Bubbles, who opens up one of his vortexes. Claire screams and clutches desperately at the furniture to avoid getting sucked into oblivion. At the last possible second, Sylar grabs her hand and saves her life. Digression: you know the episode of Doctor Who where Rose gets sucked into the vortex between the two parallel universes, and the Doctor is helpless to save her, and it’s looking like it’s curtains for poor Rose, but then her father swoops in and transports her to the other universe, thus saving her life but forever separating her from the Doctor? Wow, that’s a great episode. I’ve seen it a handful of times, and every single time, I bawl and bawl and bawl. I bring this up because this scene is startlingly similar in almost every way, except for how the version in Doctor Who is wrenching and poignant and emotionally devastating, whereas this version made me snicker.

Anyhoo. Sylar saves Claire, the vortex closes, Bubbles escapes in the confusion, Claire yells at Bennet for working with Sylar, Sylar apologizes to Claire for cutting her head open and poking around in her brains, Bennet yells at Sylar to stay away from Claire, Claire makes Bennet promise not to hurt Bubbles. Claire, Bennet and Sylar track Bubbles to Griffith Park, where he’s sitting in a funk, his wife and kids having failed to show up. Over Claire’s vehement protests, Bennet pulls a gun on Bubbles and orders him to create a vortex to destroy Sylar. Fed up with the Bennets and their interfamilial squabbles, Bubbles sucks himself into a vortex instead.

After much duress, the exhumed Adam Monroe agrees to help Hiro and Ando track down the stolen formula. He takes them to a bar, which he claims is one of Daphne’s haunts. Adam makes a break for it, but Knox apprehends him. Daphne and Knox confront Ando and Hiro. Hiro claims he wants to work with them. Knox grabs a convenient sword (I can think of so many reasons why bars shouldn’t have big displays of lethal weapons on the walls) and orders him to kill Ando to prove his loyalty. Hiro stabs Ando, who collapses in a spreading pool of blood.

Post-coital, Nathan asks Tracy if she’s going to try to kill herself again. She confesses to accidentally killing the reporter with her freezing power. Nathan takes it in stride and talks her out of turning herself in to the police. He tells her his powers came from God; she tells him her powers came from a doctor in Reseda. This throws Nathan for a bit of a loop. Nathan, who knows how to show a girl a good time, stops by Level Five to introduce Tracy to his mother, who has put crazy Peter into a medically-induced coma. Angela reveals how synthetic abilities were given to baby Tracy as well as to baby Nathan, which pretty much sticks a fork in Nathan’s God theory. Nathan manages to summon up some shock and moral outrage about Angela’s role in these experiments. Honestly, after Angela tried to talk him into letting Peter blow up New York, you’d think nothing about his mother would faze him. Nathan and Tracy storm off, intending to ask Mohinder for help understanding Tracy’s abilities.

In her office, Angela hears Tracy scream. She runs out and finds Tracy, Nathan, and Peter dead in the hallway. This all turns out to be one of her precognitive dreams, but when she wakes from it, she finds she’s paralyzed at her desk.

Daphne returns to the Pinehearst facility and explains to Linderman that she’s recruited Knox, Hiro, and Adam. Linderman instructs her to go after Matt next, telling her he’ll be the most difficult one to bring in. Matt? Really? We’re talking about Matt Parkman, right? When Daphne leaves, we discover Linderman has been merely a psychic projection generated by Matt’s evil dad Maury. Oh. Maury’s back. Joy.

Inside Pinehearst, a comatose man on life support communicates telepathically with Maury. This man, who appears to be the mastermind behind Pinehearst, is Arthur Petrelli, Angela’s presumed-dead husband and father to Nathan and Peter. I’m sure NBC’s promo department knows what it’s doing, but this shocking last-minute revelation might have packed more punch if a commercial cheerfully hyping Arthur’s return hadn't been airing all week long.

A fine, perky, fast-moving episode, though just to summarize: Peter tries to kill his mother, Hiro (supposedly) murders Ando, and Mohinder turns into a crazy, evil bug-man. I know this is just Heroes’ fast and sloppy way of giving the nice characters some edge, but I would prefer not seeing all my sweet-natured bunny rabbits turning into homicidal twits. The show’s got plenty of those already.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Heroes Volume Three Chapter Four: I Am Become Death

Mohinder continues his research into his new abilities. The peeling scaly crap on his back worsens, so he stops wandering around shirtless. Pity. He investigates a violent argument in a neighboring apartment, where he suspects his neighbor is beating his wife. When Mohinder intervenes, his neighbor hurls racially-charged insults and tells him to mind his own business. Mohinder, using his new super-powers, beats the tar out of him.

Later, Maya drops by his lab and wants to get frisky. Mohinder, whose super-powered libido abandoned him around the time he started growing scales, gets bitchy and snappish, so she leaves in a huff. Mohinder makes an entry in his journal about his transformation, which includes this phrase: “The rash is spreading.”

I could have lived a long and happy life without ever hearing Mohinder say, “The rash is spreading.”

Mohinder can’t reverse the process that gave him abilities, and he’s developing sticky webs on his fingers. Plus, he’s turning mean and scary: when his jerky neighbor stops by to get revenge for the earlier beating, Mohinder drags him inside and slams the door.

Doctor Zimmerman tells Tracy she’s one of three identical triplets, the others being Niki and the still-unseen Barbara. Her freeze-anything ability is the result of deliberate DNA manipulation, done in the service of a mysterious company. Afraid she’ll cause more damage with her ability, Tracy visits newly-inaugurated Senator Nathan, gives him her resignation, and scampers off to commit suicide. She leaps off a bridge, but Nathan flies in and saves her.

Four years in the future, Evil Alternate Future Peter shows Peter around New York. Per EAF Peter, someone from Peter’s time (i.e. Mohinder) has discovered a formula that can give anyone abilities; as a result, almost everybody has dangerous super-powers, and an apocalypse is imminent. In order to prevent this future, Peter needs to find Sylar and absorb his intuitive aptitude ability, then use it to stop Mohinder. Before Evil Alternate Future Peter can finish his explanation, Evil Alternate Future Claire arrives and riddles him with bullets.

Peter escapes from Claire and goes to Evil Alternate Future Mohinder’s lab to pump him for information as to Sylar’s whereabouts. He finds Mohinder scuttling around in the shadows, having transformed into some ghastly (and as of yet unseen) creature. Mohinder won’t tell Peter where Sylar is, so Peter reads his mind: Sylar now lives in the Bennet house in Costa Verde.

Evil Alternate Future Daphne, Evil Alternate Future Knox, and Evil Alternate Future Claire examine Evil Alternate Future Peter’s corpse. Claire tells Daphne and Knox that a version of Peter is still running amuck in this timeline. They make plans to hunt him down and kill him.

EAF Daphne now lives with Matt and Molly in Mohinder’s old apartment. Matt and Daphne also have a new baby girl. Daphne wants Molly to use her ability to locate Sylar; Matt argues against this, but ultimately Daphne prevails. Matt’s swell, but every season he supplies Heroes with a fresh batch of tedious domestic squabbles: he squabbled nonstop with his wife Janice in Season One, he squabbled nonstop with his roommate Mohinder in Season Two, and now he’s squabbling with Daphne. Given any choice, I prefer my cheeseball superhero action shows to be 100% free of domestic bickering.

Peter teleports to the Bennet home to confront Evil Alternate Future Sylar. He’s greeted by a small boy who addresses him as “Uncle Peter” and leads him into the kitchen, where Sylar is fixing waffles. The boy, who is named Noah, is Sylar’s son. Evil Alternate Future Sylar is sweet and friendly; he hugs Peter and invites him to stay for breakfast, then spills the beans that he and Peter are brothers.

This knowledge does not thrill Peter.

Sylar refuses to give Peter his aptitude ability. He claims it’s what turned him into a psychotic murderer in the first place; even now he struggles daily to suppress the urge to kill. Peter argues he needs the ability to prevent an imminent apocalypse. To see if Peter’s right, Sylar uses Isaac’s ability to paint the future. He produces an image of the world exploding. Convinced, Sylar gives Peter his broken watch and tells him to fix it: if Peter can figure out how it works, he’ll be able to access Sylar’s ability.

Knox, Daphne and Claire storm Sylar’s house to capture Peter. Sylar’s son dies in the ensuing battle. Sylar goes supernova with grief and generates a nuclear blast that obliterates Costa Verde.

Evil Alternate Future President Nathan, with First Lady Tracy by his side, gives a press conference on the devastation in Costa Verde. Molly and Matt watch news footage of the disaster. Daphne arrives, badly charred from the explosion, and collapses into Matt’s arms.

Peter finds himself in the clutches of Evil Alternate Future Claire. Two hundred thousand people died in Costa Verde, and Claire holds Peter responsible. She sets to work torturing him, until President Nathan arrives and orders her to stop. When Peter tries to read Nathan’s mind, Sylar’s aptitude ability kicks in and drives him bonkers. Peter slices open Nathan’s head and kills him.

Peter teleports back to the present-day Level Five detention facility and confronts Sylar.

In the African desert, Matt wakes up from a trance, having experienced a vision of his future with Daphne and Molly. He sets out to find Daphne.

Hiro and Ando, still squabbling, are locked in a cell on Level Two, the lower-security version of Level Five. Their daring escape attempt through the vents is foiled by the Haitian, who takes them to see Angela Petrelli. Angela, who is in search of Kaito Nakamura’s stolen half of the formula, sends Hiro and Ando on an important mission: to return to the Tokyo cemetery and exhume immortal, evil Adam Monroe.

This probably won't turn out well for everyone concerned.