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Arrow 2-04: “Crucible”

Oliver blows off a black-tie gala he’s ostensibly hosting at the Queen mansion to fight some crime: As the Arrow, he’s trying to track down the source of an influx of military-grade assault rifles into the already trouble-plagued Glades. Turns out the weapons are being supplied by a gang leader known as the Mayor (Clé Bennett), who rose to prominence in the wake of the earthquake. Within seconds of his introduction, the Mayor kills one of his own loyal henchmen, just so we’re all clear on his bona fides as a villain.
A tuxedo-clad, blood-splattered Oliver finally puts in a tardy appearance at his own gala, at which Laurel, Felicity, Alderman Blood, and Isabelle Rochev are all in attendance.  Felicity seems resigned to her awful new role as Oliver’s executive assistant, and at this point, I’m hoping this foul little subplot ends with her slapping Queen Consolidated with a sex-discrimination suit for transferring her out of IT and into an admin job due to her lack of a penis (to quote …

Arrow 2-03: “Broken Dolls”

We pick up right where last episode ended, with the Hood surrounded by heavily-armed police officers. Outnumbered, the Hood begins to lower his bow… and then Black Canary (Caity Lotz) crashes through the ceiling, whips out a hand-held sonic device that emits a glass-shattering high-pitched noise, and hustles the Hood to safety in all the resulting confusion before disappearing into the night.
On the mean streets of Starling City, Officer Quentin Lance chats amiably with a hotdog vendor. The vendor tries to slip him a free dog, but Lance insists on paying. He’s actually being uncharacteristically relaxed and gracious and friendly. It’s kind of like the fourth season of The Wire, when McNulty’s mental health and general demeanor improved immeasurably after he was busted down from a homicide detective to a beat cop.
This is the first and only time I will ever compare Arrow to The Wire. I promise.

Arrow 2-02: “Identity”

Two motorcyclists attack a FEMA truck carrying vital medical supplies to the only hospital in the Glades. Roy Harper, at the wheel of a stolen car, tries to chase away the attackers. He manages to run one off the road, but the driver of the other shoots through his windshield, causing Roy to flip the car. The cops arrive and arrest Roy, while Triad assassin China White (Kelly Hu) intercepts the FEMA truck and kills the driver and passenger.
(I shamelessly adore Roy. The kid steals a car to fight crime. I mean, come on.)
At the police station, assistant district attorney Laurel interrogates Roy about his possible connection to the Hood: She knows he’s been fighting crime in an attempt to emulate his former savior (he’s even been carrying around his own wee little red arrow), and she suspects the Hood might be encouraging his efforts. Laurel, who has adopted a bizarre new hard-line anti-Hood stance, urges Roy to stay far, far away from him: “He has this way of seducing you,” she says w…

Arrow 2-01: “City of Heroes”

Are we all on the same page with Season One of Arrow? Good. Let’s proceed apace to the Season Two opener.
We start off on the island of Lian Yu. For a refreshing change of pace, this is set in the present day and thus is not one of Oliver’s dreary and unnecessary flashbacks to his island-dwelling days. Oliver scurries around madly, all shirtless and muscle-bound. Meanwhile, Felicity and Diggle parachute down from a small plane, then proceed to fumble their way about the island searching for Oliver. They’re all high-energy and funny and adorable, and I feel an immediate wave of reassurance that, no matter what all goes wrong with this season, these two will do their best to bring the awesome.

The Dilettante’s Guide to Arrow

This season, I’m going to try recapping The CW’s Arrow. Fair warning: It may not work out. This site is littered with the rotting, forgotten carcasses of shows I started reviewing, then abandoned out of frustration or tedium, and Arrow, for all its strengths, is wholly capable of being both frustrating and tedious. We’ll see how this goes.
After a critically and commercially successful first season, Arrow kicked off Season Two earlier this month. Developed by Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim and Andrew Kreisberg, Arrow centers around the DC Comics superhero Green Arrow, though it’s more of a reimagining of the source material than a faithful adaptation. While it’s got some problem areas, the show is pretty enjoyable overall, with some cool visuals and evocative themes, and it has the potential to evolve into something great.
Arrow has a large and unwieldy cast. Let’s meet our main players. Spoiler warnings for the complete first season:

Lonely Satellite

Updated 10/18 to add: The paperback edition is now listed at Amazon

The Kindle-formatted version of my new book LONELY SATELLITE is now available from Amazon. The print edition will follow in a couple of weeks, though I don't have a firm release date yetis also available for a retail price of $12.35. The wonderful Morgan Dodge designed the cover.

Here's the official synopsis:
In 1984, a global nuclear catastrophe almost destroyed the world. Thirty years later, American society struggles to rebuild in the face of widespread fear, sickness and paranoia, as the chasm between the haves and the have-nots continues to grow. 

While fleeing from a gang of marauders, Laurie Sparks, a beautiful young monk with an appetite for the good life and a knack for finding trouble, seeks refuge within a sinister subterranean church and inadvertently exposes the dangerous secrets of his past. Laurie’s adventures take him from desert wastelands to the decaying ruins of once-great cities, from seedy…