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Fun With Keywords: Auf Wiedersehen, 2013

Max Headroom: “Blipverts”

Arrow 2-09: “Three Ghosts”

The A-Team: “Cowboy George”

Arrow 2-08: “The Scientist”

Duranalysis: Falling Down

Arrow 2-07: “State v. Queen”

Cool Charlotte Dent promotion, Wrong City in paperback, and a new Duranalysis

Arrow 2-06: “Keep Your Enemies Closer”

Arrow 2-05: League of Assassins

Arrow 2-04: “Crucible”

Arrow 2-03: “Broken Dolls”

Arrow 2-02: “Identity”

Arrow 2-01: “City of Heroes”

The Dilettante’s Guide to Arrow

Lonely Satellite

Boy, I can sure talk, can't I?

Teen Wolf 2-12: “Master Plan”

Teen Wolf 2-11: “Battlefield”

Teen Wolf 2-10: “Fury”

Teen Wolf 2-09: “Party Guessed”

Teen Wolf 2-08: “Raving”

Teen Wolf 2-07: “Restraint”

Teen Wolf 2-06: “Frenemy”

Teen Wolf 2-05: “Venomous”

Teen Wolf 2-04: “Abomination”

Teen Wolf 2-03: “Ice Pick”

Teen Wolf 2-02: “Shape Shifted”

Teen Wolf 2-01: “Omega”

Teen Wolf 1-12: “Code Breaker”

Teen Wolf 1-11: “Formality”

Teen Wolf 1-10: “Co-Captain”

Teen Wolf 1-09: “Wolf’s Bane”

Teen Wolf 1-08: “Lunatic”

Teen Wolf 1-07: “Night School”

Teen Wolf 1-06: “Heart Monitor”

Teen Wolf 1-05: “The Tell”

Teen Wolf 1-04: “Magic Bullet”

Teen Wolf 1-03: “Pack Mentality”

Teen Wolf 1-02: “Second Chance at First Line”

Teen Wolf 1-01: “Pilot”

Video Analysis: Adam Lambert’s “Never Close Our Eyes”

Video Analysis: Adam Lambert’s “If I Had You”

That'd be "award-winning author," thank you very much.


Duranalysis Book Report: Neil Gaiman’s Duran Duran

Nostalgia attack!

Video Analysis: Adam Lambert’s “For Your Entertainment”

Video Analysis: Elton John’s “I’m Still Standing”

Duranalysis: Three To Get Ready

Fun With Keywords: Homeward Bound Edition

Duranalysis: Electric Barbarella