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Boy, I can sure talk, can't I?

There's a very chatty, very lengthy new interview with me up at Praxis Magazine, which I encourage everyone to check out. I yammer on at length about my books, my creative process, my experiences in the entertainment industry, and, uh, Duran Duran. The interviewer, Andie Nash, is smart and fun and generally awesome. She's also an excellent novelist--her book Thanks, That Was Fun is a hell of a good read.

As discussed in the interview, I have a new book coming out next month: Lonely Satellite, which I describe as "...the Bizarro-world version of Bias Cut. This time around, in this alternate version of events, a somewhat tougher version of Laurie is fending his way through a dangerous post-apocalyptic world, running into tweaked versions of the same characters and predicaments he experienced in Bias Cut, only in a more bizarre setting." So, y'know, if you read Bias Cut and thought, "Gee, I like these characters a lot, but I sure wish they were thrust into a g…