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Heroes Volume Four, Chapter Four: Cold Wars

We open with Matt, Mohinder and Peter hanging out at a cheap motel. Hey, already this episode is head and shoulders above last week’s installment! They squabble about whether to go through with kidnapping and interrogating Bennet. Matt is all gung-ho for the idea, whereas Mohinder has moral reservations. For his part, Peter is willing to side with whoever argues the loudest. This happens to be Matt, so they proceed with the plan. They slip Bennet a mickey, drag him back to their room, and tie him to a chair.

Matt uses his mental powers to invade Bennet’s mind and sift through his memories. He first views a memory from five weeks ago: Angela Petrelli tells Bennet she’s dissolving Primatech. She gives him severance pay and a nice watch and sends him on his way.

Bad Cop Matt argues with Good Cop Mohinder over the ethics of putting Bennet through dangerous mental torment to get the information they need. While this is going on, Peter watches Pay-Per-View or checks his e-mail or pa…

Heroes, Volume Four, Chapter Three: Building 26

Sylar and Luke, who is reaching bold new levels of irksome, continue on their road trip to find Sylar’s dad. When the damn kid keeps lying about their destination, Sylar, who is all too clearly thinking about how this isn’t nearly as awesome as that time he drove cross-country with Mohinder, starts losing it a little and threatens to slice open Luke’s head. For the life of me, I can’t tell whether I’d support this. On the one hand, murdering a stupid teen is a horrendous thing to do, even by Sylar’s bottom-barrel standards of moral behavior. On the other hand, Luke is working my every last nerve.

Sylar and his little buddy stop at a diner. When Luke uses his heat wave powers for no good reason, Sylar informs him that part of being an effective super-villain is always knowing your motivation. Serial killers: they’re just like actors! Nathan’s goons, who have located Sylar using surveillance cameras and super-sophisticated face-recognition software, storm the diner. Luke creates …

Watching the Watchmen

While I was out walking yesterday, I spotted a bus shelter poster featuring Ozymandias from Watchmen. This immediately triggered the OCD section of my brain that compels me to hunt down bus posters. Remember last summer's epic Heroes poster quest, in which I covered over a hundred miles of Los Angeles streets on foot in search of all of those blasted posters? I didn't want to do that again. I can't stress enough how much I didn't want to do that.

And yet, upon spotting Ozymandias, I knew I would. Because if there was an Ozymandias poster, it meant there was a Doctor Manhattan poster, and a Rorschach poster, and a Nite Owl II poster, and it meant I needed to find them all. Because that's just how my obsessive little brain works.

So I set out today with a camera. And I got lucky right off the bat. Some kind soul had plastered every single Watchmen poster on a construction site at La Cienega and Whitworth. Yahtzee! These are slightly different from the bus she…

Heroes Volume Four, Chapter Two: Trust & Blood

So the plane crashes, but we don’t get to see the part where all our heroes somehow manage to avoid being crushed or charred in the wreckage. Instead, we catch up to them with their madcap escape already in progress. Armed goons with search lights and helicopters pursue Hiro, Matt, and Mohinder. Matt develops the Isaac Mendez Milky-Eyes™ again, and a vision of Usutu guides him to a trailer, from which he steals art supplies. While Matt makes some prophetic sketches, Hiro and Mohinder swipe clothes from the clothesline and change out of their orange prison jumpsuits (Mohinder dons an awful black-and-red striped shirt, which, honestly, is no sillier than some of the stuff he wears voluntarily). Mohinder tries to convince Hiro to turn himself in, theorizing that the authorities will go easy on him once they discover he no longer has his powers, but Hiro isn’t falling for that crap. Matt sketches a bunch of random pictures, including one of Daphne getting shot.

Daphne finds Ando in T…

Battlestar Galactica: Blood on the Scales

A singularly joyless episode warrants a singularly joyless recap. Let’s just get this over with. Adama and Tigh are captured by the mutineers, including Captain Kelly, whom we haven’t seen since his arrest for sabotage last season. Gaeta orders Hot Dog and Narcho to shoot down the Raptor on which Roslin and Baltar are escaping, but Hot Dog hesitates. The Raptor safely reaches the Cylon basestar, where Roslin talks the Cylons -- the Sixes, Twos, and Eights, plus Tory -- out of jumping away from the Galactica. The basestar hides itself among the ships in the fleet.

Gaeta and Zarek want Adama court-martialed, with a reluctant Romo Lampkin heading up his defense. Zarek, meanwhile, secretly murders the entire Quorum, which appalls Gaeta.

Starbuck and Apollo skulk around the Galactica, hurling grenades and shooting people. They spring Helo, Athena, Hera, Tigh, Caprica, and Anders from the brig, but Anders is shot in the neck in the process. Much chaos ensues. Starbuck remains behind …

Heroes Volume Four, Chapter One: A Clear & Present Danger

So it’s been a couple of months since the destruction of Primatech and Pinehearst. Tracy chats on the phone with the governor while watching a televised interview with Senator Nathan Petrelli, who is now heading a Homeland Security subcommittee on Rounding Up Undesirables. Because it’s been months since we’ve seen Ali Larter in her underthings, this all happens while Tracy changes her clothes. As Nathan blathers on about God and country, a scary balding guy and his team of masked goons burst in on Tracy and taser her unconscious.

Claire is staying in New York with Angela and Nathan at the Petrelli mansion. Angela seems to think her granddaughter (who now has her GED, which means we can finally say farewell to all those half-assed and derivative high school plotlines) has a shot at attending an elite university. This is rather optimistic of Angela. Claire listens in on a phone call between Angela and Nathan about how they’re sending goons after Peter and Matt.

Peter, meanwhile, is w…