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Arrow 3-09: "The Climb"

Arrow's winter finale was last night. The show's creators promised a shock ending and... well, I suppose that qualified, though does anyone really think that's going to stick?

My illustrated recap is below. As always, click on the link for larger/expandable images.

Arrow 3-08: "The Brave and the Bold"

After a break for Thanksgiving, Arrow was back with a new episode last night. This was part two of a two-part special that began the previous night on The Flash, which I took great pains to avoid watching, because that Flash pilot was terrible. In a fit of self-amusement, my sister and I instead watched that old episode of Smallville where Justin Hartley's Oliver Queen joins up with Kyle Gallner's Flash and forms the Justice League, and look, nobody's ever going to point to sixth-season Smallville as being any good, but it was giddy cheeseball fun. Which Arrow is most decidedly not.
Having said that, this wasn't a bad episode. Good to see Barry Allen yelling some sense into Oliver.