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Arrow 3-09: "The Climb"

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Fun With Keywords: Thanksgiving 2014

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Arrow 3-05: "The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak"

Arrow 3-04: "The Magician"

Demon City

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Arrow 3-01: "The Calm"

Arrow comics: Season Two overview

Duran Duran comics: Save a Prayer

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Duran Duran comics: The Wild Boys

Here's where I've been hiding lately.

Duranalysis: Do You Believe in Shame?

#MyWritingProcess Blog Hop

Fun With Keywords: Eternal Pixie Edition

G.I. Joe: “Skeletons in the Closet”

Laurie Sparks is a doll.

Hey, let's take a quiz!

Arrow 2-23: “Unthinkable”

Arrow 2-22: “Streets of Fire”

Arrow 2-21: “City of Blood”

Arrow 2-20: “Seeing Red”

Fun With Keywords: Zombies of the Apocalypse Version


Arrow 2-19: “The Man Under the Hood”

Arrow 2-18: “Deathstroke”

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Arrow 2–16: “Suicide Squad”

Arrow 2-15: "The Promise"

Arrow 2-14: “Time of Death”

G.I. Joe: “The Gamemaster”


Arrow 2-13: “Heir to the Demon”

Arrow 2-12: “Tremors”

Prayer of the Rollerboys

Arrow 2-11: “Blind Spot”

Arrow 2-10: “Blast Radius”

Happy 2014! Here's some more Bias Cut!