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Arrow 2-07: “State v. Queen”

With the notable exception of the cool reveal at the very end, the island scenes were more interesting than either of the main plotlines this week, so let’s start there: Oliver, still in the clutches of Dr. Ivo, leads his captors (Ivo, Sara, the freighter captain, and various unnamed henchmen) to the downed plane where Shado and Slade have been staying. At Ivo’s command, the henchmen riddle it with bullets and toss a bomb inside, then wander off. While hiding inside the plane, Shado deactivates the bomb. Because Arrow is a disgracefully sloppy show, neither Ivo nor any of his henchmen will bother to wonder why the plane never explodes.
Ivo forces Oliver to take him to the cave with the skeletons of the Japanese soldiers, then grows furious when he finds the arrowhead is missing. As Ivo prepares to torture Oliver into giving him the arrowhead, Shado and Slade show up, armed to the teeth, and rescue Oliver. Oliver drags an unwilling Sara along on their escape, while Shado manages to ta…

Cool Charlotte Dent promotion, Wrong City in paperback, and a new Duranalysis

This whole independent publishing business, it's a tricky beast. In the fifteen months since forming Luft Books, I've published five novels: Bias Cut, Wrong City, Charlotte Dent and Lonely Satellite, all written by me (I'm not that prolific; I just had a swell backlog), plus A.K. Adler's excellent sci-fi novel Disconnected. I've stumbled into some good marketing strategies, and I've made some marketing mistakes. On the good side: Great merciful Zeus, Bias Cut has done well. It was an ABNA semi-finalist, and it won a silver medal at this year's IPPY awards. Earlier this month, I had a wildly successful giveaway of the Kindle version over at Amazon, during which it hit #2 on the bestsellers list in the entire free Kindle store and #1 on both the Mystery and Contemporary Fiction free bestsellers lists. Right now, it's got a whopping 66 reviews at Amazon, averaging 4.5 stars, and that number climbs daily.

On the flip side: Charlotte Dent.

Oh, Charlotte. Po…

Arrow 2-06: “Keep Your Enemies Closer”

Roy Harper alerts the Arrow to a counterfeit-money exchange taking place. The Arrow and Diggle arrive and take down the miscreants. When Roy joins the fray, he ends up getting arrested by Quentin Lance, who releases him after he discovers Roy is a fellow secret member of Team Arrow. Digg, meanwhile, gets waylaid by Amanda Waller (Cynthia Addai-Robinson), head of a shadowy government agency known as A.R.G.U.S. (Advanced Research Group Uniting Super-Humans, obviously), who alerts Digg to the recent abduction of A.R.G.U.S. agent Lyla Michaels, who disappeared in Moscow while on the trail of Digg’s brother-murdering nemesis, Deadshot. A.R.G.U.S. can’t rescue Lyla without risking an international incident, but Waller thinks Digg might be up to the challenge.
As soon as Oliver hears about Lyla’s disappearance, he insists on accompanying Digg to Moscow to find her. Good for Oliver, especially considering how he spent much of last season taking his partner-in-vigilantism for granted. Oliver,…

Arrow 2-05: League of Assassins

Well. That was a sodden, limp, snot-soaked Kleenex of an episode last night. Let’s get through this quickly.
For reasons that are never explained, Sara Lance—Black Canary—is crashing with Oliver at the Queen mansion. You know what I said last week about how Arrow has been doing a nice job with Black Canary’s development? Turns out I was wrong. Sara spends the episode being a dreary, teary mess. I’m disappointed both in the character and in the show. Sara was fantastic last episode in that scene where she and Sin discussed how women should never suffer at the hands of men. It was clear she’d been through hell—was probably still in hell, in fact—but there was a grim, intelligent, world-weary competence to her that compensated a lot for the way Arrow likes to turn its ostensibly-strong female characters (Laurel, Moira, Helena Bertinelli) into neurotic wrecks.