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The Heroes Experiment

I did something weird last week.

Thanks to a mixture of too much time on my hands, an out-of-control self-amusing streak, and lingering crankiness about the third season of Heroes, I wrote a full-length speculative script for the fourth-season premiere.

No real reason for doing this, other than that I just finished writing an original spec feature and was feeling antsy and aimless. It was an interesting exercise. I tried to incorporate all the elements I’ve been crabbing about here over the past season. I established some ground rules and followed them to the best of my ability:

1. Nothing established in earlier episodes would be inexplicably altered or negated.
2. Characterizations would be consistent. Characters would interact with each other in a wholly plausible manner.
3. Every scene would propel the plot forward and lay groundwork for future scenes.
4. The end result had to resemble a genuine Heroes episode, in structure and content, as much as possible.

The script turned out …

More fun with keywords!

(There were no photos of my cat anywhere on this blog. This oversight has now been corrected.)

Another season of Heroes has ended with both a whimper and a bang, and I'm scrambling to find ways to fill this blog with new material during the long dry spell ahead of us. While I'm thinking on this, here's a look at some of the current crop of keywords people have used to find this site:

who played the water breathing boy heroes
He was cute, wasn't he? I had to look this one up: Alex was played by Justin Baldoni. I don't know a thing about him. According to Heroes Wiki, "Baldoni's breakout role was in the television movie Spring Break Shark Attack, in which he starred as a sexual predator." Okay, then.

who plays sylar's mother on heroes?
That'd be Little Shop of Horror's awesome Ellen Greene.

who plays agent taub on heroes
Gabriel Olds, who, my sister reminds me, starred in the quasi-futuristic dystopic thriller Animal Room with Neil Patrick Ha…