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Video Analysis: Adam Lambert’s “If I Had You”

Let’s take a look at Adam Lambert’s “If I Had You,” the third single off of his debut album. The video for “If I Had You” was released in 2010 and was directed by Bryan Barber. There’s less of a plot to it than most of the videos I examine here, but the visuals are fun, the outfits are great, and Lambert is always entertaining to watch. Here we go:

Adam’s sitting in his living room, tweeting up a storm, rallying his troops for a spur-of-the-moment bacchanalia in Griffith Park. What we see of his abode looks spare and modest, all modern lines and minimalist furniture and muted lighting, much like his home (or rather, his “home”) in the “Whataya Want From Me” video. Yeah, nice try, set designers. Like we’re supposed to believe Lambert would be caught dead kicking back in a place this unassuming. I’m 100% certain the décor of Lambert’s real home more suitably reflects his, ah, exuberant personal style. I’m picturing chandeliers made of bones, velvet curtains embroidered with images from…

That'd be "award-winning author," thank you very much.

BIAS CUT won the Silver medal in the Mystery/Cozy/Noir category of this year's IPPY Awards (Independent Publisher Book Awards)!

I'm over the moon about this. It's my first book award--I've been an ABNA semi-finalist twice, for BIAS CUT and for CHARLOTTE DENT, but this is the first time I've taken home any hardware. Apologies in advance if I'm completely odious for a while.