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Arrow 2-20: “Seeing Red”

Well. I’m trying to find just the right phrase to sum up this episode. After giving the matter long and careful consideration, I think I’m going to go with “shit show.”
Yes. Indeed. ‘Twas a shit show.
So Roy’s still in a coma after Slade used a whole lot of his blood to create his army of mirakuru-enhanced super-soldiers last episode. He’s just been lying unconscious on a table in the lair beneath Verdant for, like, days or whatever, while nobody bothers to seek medical attention or at least take his shoes off and throw a warm blanket over him. Roy wakes up and goes utterly berserk. He tears up the lair, scaring the pants off of Felicity and Digg in the process, then embarks upon a citywide rampage.

Fun With Keywords: Zombies of the Apocalypse Version

My bookLonely Satellitehas reached the quarterfinals of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award (ABNA). As many of you may recall, I’ve been to this dance a couple of times before:Bias Cutwas an ABNA semi-finalist in 2012, whileCharlotte Dentwas a semi-finalist back in the competition’s debut year in 2008. I haven’t won ABNA yet, and I don’t expect that will change this year (Lonely Satellite is meeting with a cool reception, which is weird; it's like readers maybe aren't looking for a post-apocalyptic alternate-timeline gay romance?), though anything's possible.
If you like, you can head over to Amazon and download the first five thousand words for free. If you’re feeling especially inspired and/or pro-Morgan, go ahead and post a review. Be sure to check out some of the excerpts from the other contestants while you’re there; there are a slew of talented writers in the mix. Like Thomas Mays, whose bookA Sword Into Darknessjust might win it all. I’d be okay with that. He seems…


So... I have a new book out.

As many of you know, the name for this site comes from a very old screenplay I wrote in 1999, which I then adapted into a young adult novel in 2001, which I then adapted into another screenplay in 2008. I have now adapted that second screenplay into another novel, which is now available at Amazon. The gorgeous cover is the work of Morgan Dodge.

It's more a novella than a novel, actually--it comes in at just under 44,000 words, which is pretty short. You can read it in a sitting, probably. It's priced accordingly: only $0.99.

It's a young adult fantasy book. Probably a little grim for small kids. Probably just right for adults.

Here's the synopsis:

Still reeling from a devastating tragedy, Kit Garrett struggles to adjust to his fancy new prep school. When his estranged older sister Ivy starts undergoing a frightening physical transformation, Kit embarks upon a quest to save her. He follows Ivy into a cave near his school and finds himself st…

Arrow 2-19: “The Man Under the Hood”

Thanks to Isabelle’s devious machinations last episodes, the Queens are in imminent danger of losing their vast family fortune. Couldn’t happen to a better bunch of amoral jerkfaces. (Not you, Thea. You’re golden. Oliver and Moira and the late Robert Queen, though? Amoral jerkfaces, all of you). Their lawyer convinces Oliver and Moira to sign over their assets into a new trust that Isabelle can’t touch. They’ll need Thea’s signature to make it legal, which is tricky, seeing as Thea wants nothing more to do with them.
This episode seems to think viewers will feel keenly emotionally invested in Oliver’s looming financial troubles. This episode is dead wrong about that.

Arrow 2-18: “Deathstroke”

Slade Wilson, everyone. Slade Wilson.
So Slade picks up Thea, who is heartbroken and morose after her breakup with Roy. Slade seems kindly and sympathetic at first, acting like everybody’s favorite uncle and telling her, “Heartbreak is something I know all too well.” Then he stops the car in a dark alley somewhere and orders her out. Shocked, Thea runs for it… and promptly gets nabbed by Sebastian Blood.
Total dick move, Slade. I approve.