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BIAS CUT is now available in softcover!

Very exciting!

The softcover version of my novel, BIAS CUT, is now available and in stock at online book retailers. You should also be able to order it directly from any bookseller, if you'd prefer to support your favorite local bookstore.  The Amazon link is here; the Barnes & Noble link is here.

Er... it's still pretty early in the distribution process, which is why, as of right now, that Barnes & Noble listing looks pretty sketchy -- there's no cover image, no synopsis, no author info. That should change soon. Note, though, that the B&N price is a 47% discount off of the cover price, whereas right now Amazon is selling it at full price. I'm optimistic that the Amazon price will come down, but in the meantime, strongly consider saving yourself seven bucks by choosing the B&N option instead.

For those outside the United States, it looks like it isn't yet offered by any retailers not based in the U.S. (right now, only has the Kindle ver…

Announcing the BIAS CUT ebook release:

Well, the Kindle release anyway.

So, hey: You remember my novel BIAS CUT, the one that reached the semi-finals of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award earlier this year? The Kindle version is now available for download at Amazon. If you're an Amazon Prime member, you can even borrow it for free.
No Kindle? No worries -- the paperback version will be officially released by my publishing company, Luft Books, within the next few weeks.  I'll keep you posted on the street date and ordering info as the details firm up. The paperback will have the advantage of displaying the full awesome Nagel-esque cover, shown above, which was designed by the eternally-awesome Morgan Dodge.

Duranalysis Master Post

Welcome to Duranalysis!
Back in 2011, I began posting tongue-in-cheek analyses of vintage Duran Duran music videos here. The project soon gained a life of its own, and I expanded the scope to encompass all things Duran-related—documentaries, books, movies, you name it.
Some of my favorite people in the world have said some nice things about Duranalysis:

Know of anything you’d like to see Duranalyzed? Suggestions are always welcomed. Leave a comment anywhere on this site, or feel free to email me (me_richter (at) yahoo (dot) com) or Tweet at me.
This post is updated regularly to mirror the Duranalysis Main Page.
Here’s an overview, with links, of all the Duranalysis posts found on this site:
THE 1980s VIDEOS Planet Earth
“It looks like they’re performing in a vast, icy chamber, like they’re the house band at the Fortress of Solitude, though I would’ve pegged Superman as more of a Springsteen man.”

Careless Memories
“Aside from the performance footage, Nick spends most of his scenes either …