Join me as I work out my issues with the CW series Arrow (it's kinda great! and kinda awful!) through my recaps. Recaps will continue until the inevitable moment when the mind-blowing sexism turns me off of it permanently.*

Update 5/15/2015: That moment came after the Season Three finale. And it wasn't so much the sexism (though, ye gads, that didn't help) as the simple fact that this... really isn't a very good show. There will be no Season Four recaps.

The Dilettante's Guide to Arrow (Season One overview)
2-01 City of Heroes
2-02 Identity 
2-03 Broken Dolls
2-04 Crucible
2-05 League of Assassins
2-06 Keep Your Enemies Closer
2-07 State vs Queen
2-08 The Scientist
2-09 Three Ghosts
2-10 Blast Radius
2-11 Blind Spot
2-12 Tremors
2-13 Heir to the Demon
2-14 Time of Death
2-15 The Promise
2-16 Suicide Squad
2-17 Birds of Prey
2-18 Deathstroke
2-19 The Man Under the Hood
2-20 Seeing Red
2-21 City of Blood
2-22 Streets of Fire
2-23 Unthinkable

Illustrated Guides:
Season Two overview
3-01 The Calm
3-02 Sara
3-03 Corto Maltese
3-04 The Magician
3-05 The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak
3-06 Guilty
3-07 Draw Back Your Bow
3-08 The Brave and the Bold
3-09 The Climb
3-10 Left Behind
3-11 Midnight City
3-12 Uprising
3-13 Canaries
3-14 The Return
3-15 Nanda Parbat
3-16 The Offer
3-17 Suicidal Tendencies
3-18 Public Enemy
3-19 Broken Arrow
3-20 The Fallen
3-21 Al Sah-Him
3-22 This Is Your Sword
3-23 My Name Is Oliver Queen

Download a PDF of the Season Two Overview plus all Season Three episodes in one epic 75-page file


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