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Psych: Think Tank

Not a strong episode to start with, and this situation was not improved at all by my cable company’s decision to air eight minutes of it entirely without sound last night. I’m feeling a little grouchy about this lackluster installment, so this’ll be brief:

The episode opens with Shawn in the process of solving a case involving a poisoned pizza. Just as he accuses one of the pizzeria workers of the crime, Henry rushes in, takes his son aside, and accuses him of not reading the case file closely enough -- the poison was dissolved in peanut oil, and the man Shawn accused has a deadly allergy. Thus, he couldn’t possibly be the murderer. Shawn recovers, revises his conclusion, and shifts his accusation to another culprit, who confesses.

Afterwards, while Gus frets about Shawn’s current deductive slump, Shawn and Gus are approached by a man named Walter Snowden, who is played by Senator Jellyfish from the X-Men movies (sticklers for details might know him as Bruce Davison). Snowden claim…

White Collar: Bottlenecked

After being preempted last week for the dog show, White Collar is back. Good. I like adorable animals, but I like Neal and his cheekbones even more.

Neal receives another postcard from his anonymous chess opponent. The postcard, which shows a photo of the Museum of Natural History, has no postmark, suggesting it was hand-delivered. Neal plays the chess move scrawled on it and recognizes the game as one he played against his longtime nemesis, Matthew Keller (Ross McCall).

At the FBI headquarters, Neal searches through NYPD files about a recent robbery at the Museum of Natural History. The culprit got away with an odd smattering of items, including old French soil samples and some antique cork duck decoys. Peter is highly suspicious of Neal’s keen interest in this small-potatoes crime, but agrees to accompany him to interview the prime suspect, Manuel Campos, who is currently out on bail. Just as Peter and Neal arrive at Campos’s house, a car runs Campos over right in front of them…

Fun With Keywords: Fierce and Nerdy Edition

Time for another look at the search terms used to find my site:

awesome jack coleman

"ricardo montalban" "adrian pasdar"
IMDB doesn’t show any projects in which these two classy, suave actors appeared together. Pity -- they would have complemented each other well.

"not watching the olympics"
I’m not either. Mind you, I’m sure I could get sucked into the Olympic drama easily enough -- I just haven’t bothered turning the television on.

"manchurian apricot" recipe -site:recipezaar.comi
Any of those sites would be a much, much better place to find recipes using Manchurian apricots than this one.

"fierce and nerdy"
While I like to consider myself both fierce and nerdy, you are probably looking for this excellently-named site.

are seven signs of the apocalypse l…

Psych: Death is in the Air

Shawn and Gus find a hung-over courier named Donny Lieberman (Ernie Grunwald) asleep on the couch in their office. He was transporting a cooler for a company named Genutech, but someone swiped it, along with his valuable gold watch, when he got drunk the previous night. The cooler contains something incredibly valuable (Shawn guesses, “The disembodied soul of Marcellus Wallace?”): a vial of the deadly and contagious Thornburg virus.

A woman stumbles around a convenience store, then collapses and dies. Blood streams from her eyes, which is one of the symptoms of the Thornburg virus. When Shawn and Gus join Lassiter and Juliet at the crime scene, Shawn notices the woman is wearing Donny’s watch.

Donny remembers getting drunk with the woman, who turns out to be a hooker named Ginger (cue Shawn and Gus riffing on Gilligan's Island), at the awesome tiki bar in his hotel. All hotels should have a tiki bar. While searching Ginger’s residence, Juliet finds ten grand in an envelope a…

Life Beyond Thunderdome: Solarbabies

My monthly column at Forces of Geek, Life Beyond Thunderdome, is now up. February's cheeseball Eighties movie pick? The 1986 sci-fi classic Solarbabies. Spunky teen orphans on rollerskates in a drought-plagued post-apocalyptic future! What's not to love?

Somewhere out there, Adrian Pasdar is wishing he could buy up and destroy all copies of this deliriously gloppy mess right now.

Fringe: Jacksonville

My Fringe recap is now up at TVgasm. Last new episode until April, folks.

Psych : A Very Juliet Episode

After a couple of slow episodes, it looks like Psych has regained momentum with this week’s extra-entertaining Juliet-heavy installment.

Seven years ago: A young Juliet says goodbye to her boyfriend Scott (Josh Braaten) at Union Station in Los Angeles. She’s returning to school in Miami, so they’ve decided to end their long-distance relationship. They make plans to meet back at the train station in exactly seven years -- if they’re both still single, maybe they’ll try to rekindle their romance.

Present day: Juliet, gussied up in a pretty red dress, waits for Scott with an expectant smile. She waits, and waits, and waits, for hours and hours. This is because Juliet is a cheerful and optimistic soul. Also, because she’s a tiny bit of a doormat.

Back at the station, Juliet abuses police resources to try to track Scott down, until the Chief yells at her to knock it off. Unwilling to let Shawn anywhere near her love life (smart girl, Juliet), she privately asks Gus to help her. Gus pr…

White Collar: Home Invasion

At the skating rink in Rockefeller Center, following an elaborate and unnecessary series of covert maneuvers involving pickpocketing origami lilies, Neal meets with an attractive young woman named Alex (Gloria Votsis), who appears to be his former accomplice, to ask her about the jewelry box Kate wants. She denies any knowledge of its current whereabouts, though Neal notes that she carries a decorative piece from the box at all times in her purse.

An insider trader whom Peter has been investigating, Aldys Gray, is shot and killed. The woman whom he was with at the time, Pierce Spellman (Sarah Carter), claims a gunman ambushed Gray and escaped out the window. When Neal investigates the crime scene, he determines that Pierce: a) has a forged drivers license, and b) is lying about what happened. Before they can arrest her, she gives the FBI the slip.

Peter lugs a bunch of suitcases into FBI headquarters, explaining that he’s temporarily adrift while the wiring gets upgraded in his home…

Psych: Thrill Seekers & Hell Raisers.

There’s even less plot than usual this week, and none of it makes a whopping lot of sense, so let’s get through it fast: While engaging in one of their favorite recreational activities -- cuddling bunnies at the local pet store -- Gus confesses to Shawn that he has a secret girlfriend, Ruby. Upset that Gus has been hiding things from him, Shawn accuses him of getting him “hopped up on bunny love” first to blunt the impact of the news. Gus introduces Shawn to Ruby (The L Word’s Sarah Shahi), who wins immediate points with Shawn for lavishly complimenting his hair and being able to name her favorite Magnum, P.I. episode off the top of her head. Still, Shawn has his reservations about her. This is because: a) Shawn is uncannily observant when it comes to people, and b) Shawn is sort of a jealous butthead.

Shawn and Gus invite themselves along on Ruby’s river rafting excursion with her friends Derek (Reba’s Steve Howey), Jessica (former pro wrestler/actress Stacy Kiebler) and Stu. Wh…

White Collar: Vital Signs

Neal and his landlady June (Diahann Caroll) sit in the park and watch June’s young granddaughter Samantha play soccer with her friends. Neal comments that Samantha doesn’t look sick; June assures him she’s having one of her good days. Samantha, who has an unspecified kidney disease, was just removed from the donor list last week. As sad tinkly music plays on the soundtrack, Neal asks June if there’s anything he can do.

While Elizabeth and Peter sit at their dining room table, savoring their morning coffee, Neal waltzes in through the front door without knocking, plops himself down in a chair, and starts rummaging through their cereal box for the toy inside. “I let myself in, if you don’t mind,” Neal chirps. “I mind,” Peter mutters. I side with Peter here: Neal is beautiful and charming and irrepressible, but that doesn’t mean I want his hands in my cereal box. The toy is a sheriff’s badge, which Neal delightedly pins to the lapel of his impeccable suit before asking Peter for a …

Fringe: The Bishop Revival

Oh, lordy. There were Nazis on last week's episode of Fringe. Only one Nazi, actually, but he caused plenty of destruction all on his own.

My recap, as ever, is up at TVgasm. Added bonus: Lord of the Rings jokes!